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Pictures of Your Kids: Same Age & Same Clothes

Our girls really don't look that much alike.  One is fair with blonde hair and blue eyes.  Another has a deeper skin tone with dark hair and brown eyes, while the other two are somewhere in between.  But by looking at these pictures where they are each wearing the same clothing and the same hat (it's the hat our oldest daughter wore home from the hospital--awwww....), it's pretty hard to tell them apart.  They are each 8 weeks old in these pictures.  Our daughters are almost ten years apart from oldest to youngest, so it's fun to compare them like this when you take away the age spread. 

No matter how old your kids are, you could start this little tradition.  We have various pictures of our girls in the same outfit throughout the years.  Basically it started by having a nice shot of the oldest daughter, so then when her younger sisters came along and were wearing her hand-me-downs, I figured I might as well get a similar picture.  Who knew I would eventually end up with four daughters and get a chance to display the pictures side-by-side like this?  Everybody enjoys analyzing a new baby's features to figure out which relative he/she most resembles... that's half the fun of meeting the newest family member!  Hope this gets you thinking about starting your own traditions with pictures!  I'd love to hear about what you do!

Does your family have any special photos you routinely take?

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  • Thankfully one's not a boy. That would have been embarrassing for him.

    I'm so jealous of people who have the foresight and discipline to do stuff like this. Well done!

  • Thanks for the note! Your comment totally made me laugh out loud. Yes, a boy would be quite outnumbered in this house. My husband is definitely the king of this castle! :)

  • I married a Penn Stater who is already brainwashing our boys to be Nittany Lions. I do have a picture of both my boys in a little Nittany Lion suit when they are each 9 months old. They are the only baby pictures I really keep displayed all the time because so many people like trying to figure out which boy is which in the photos. I have never had my act together to take any more pictures like this since!

  • Awesome!!! I love this idea!! My mom actually has a picture of her in a sailor dress, when she was about 3. Well my grandmother kept the dress, and my mom took pistures of my 2 sisters, and myself in it when we turned 3. She has all 4 pictures on her wall in a diamond shape.... I have a daughter too, and when she turns 3 I will have her picture taken in the same dress also! Its a really neat tradition!! I just think that, that is Awesome!!! (Ya gotta think, that dress is about 50 years old!!) Anyways.... I love this idea!!

    I love that!! We have done that same thing with my baptism gown... someday I hope my granddaughters will wear it, too! I am all about traditions like this...

    Me too!!! I think it is AWESOME! I also had pictures made of my oldest son in a shirt that was my dads (as did my nephew), my other son will have his done in it too, when hes older!!

    Love that! I have a couple of dresses for my baby girl that were made from my dad's old shirts (sniff!) I'm going to have some made from my husband's old shirts, too... so special! The girl who makes them is going to do a giveaway on the blog one day... she's so talented! Here's her website:

    Thank you!!! I'll have to check her out, Tomorrow, I'm goin to bed now. Kids are all in bed, and have been asleep, for almost 3 hours, our turn!! Lol!!

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