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Posted on Saturday, July 13, 2013 at 04:03:00 PM in Tips & Tricks
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Perfect Mini Ice Pack for Kids: Freeze Condiment Packets

As a mom of four, we've gone through a lot of Band-Aids in this house over the last 10+ years.  We're talking a lot.  Between the ages of 2-6 or so, kids want them every time they stub their toe, get a paper cut, have chapped lips, etc.  (Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration, but not by much...)  It's as if the Band-Aid is somehow necessary to take away the extreme pain they're feeling for every so-called injury, even when there is no blood, scrape, or visible mark on the skin.  Our conversations always go something like this:

"Mom, where are the Band-Aids?!"  (In the exact same place they've been for as long as I can remember).  "I need one--QUICK!"

"You don't need a Band-Aid."

"Yes, I Dooooooo, Mom!!!  I DO NEED ONE!"

"I don't see anything.  There's no blood anywhere.  Band-Aids are meant to stop bleeding.  I'm sorry your sister stepped on your foot, but you don't need a Band-Aid."

"MOM!  It hurts!  I NEED one!  I DO!!!"  (Insert tears and most likely some rolling on the floor while grasping said injury in dramatic fashion.)

"Fine.  Here's a Band-Aid.  But we're just wasting them, and now you're going to get a real boo-boo from the Band-Aid's sticky stuff irritating your skin, but that's okay.  If you really need it..."

Blank stare while taking the Band-Aid from my hand uncertainly...

Enter:  the Boo-Boo Buddy!

When kids hurt themselves in any way, they typically need an action to follow.  They crave an acknowledgment of the trauma they have just endured:  a kiss from Mom, a hug, a Band-Aid--something.  Well, I would bet that handing your child his or her own child-sized "ice pack" might do the trick, and you can save a lot of wasted Band-Aids!

The next time you're at a fast food restaurant, snag a few extra condiment packets, and pop them in the freezer.  Voila!  You have a perfect pint-sized boo-boo buddy!  They end up being just the right temperature (not too cold so it's almost unbearable), and they're flexible so they can mold over a knee, arm, forehead, etc.  Your child will probably be satisfied with this acknowledgment of "pain" by you, and the mini ice-packs actually work, too.  So if there really was a small (yet legitimate) bump that needs some attention, this might be just what you need.  

You could also try using these for teething babies--they're especially handy when your child has yet to cut any teeth.  The condiment packs are tiny so your baby can easily hold one as he/she gnaws on it.  But use with caution if your child already has teeth!  :)  Eventually the packet could puncture, and you could have a mess on your hands.

So the next time your child has a minor ailment, perhaps you can ask if this calls for a boo-boo buddy!  I have a feeling your son or daughter might nod with a little smirk while you head to the freezer.  And honestly, after 30 seconds with the mini ice pack, all will probably be right in the world once again, and your child will forget anything even happened.  Problem solved! 

Keep a few small condiment packets in your freezer for these urgent medical emergencies.  :)

These child-sized ice-packs are perfect for little ones.

You could also use it to soothe teething discomfort.  

I hope you enjoyed this Friday Fast Tip (delivered on Saturday)!  Feel free to check back every Friday (unless I'm running late!) for more quick tips and ideas!

What simple Mom Tips can you share?

Until next time... thanks for reading!  :)  I hope your weekend is off to a great start!


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