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Posted on Thursday, June 20, 2013 at 10:04:00 PM in Giveaways
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GIVEAWAY! Win a Personalized Address Stamper from WishingTreeDesigns.com. Expired!!!

When I offer giveaways here on my blog, I always make sure that I share something I would like to have myself--this Personalized Address Stamp from WishingTreeDesigns.com is definitely one of those things!!  In fact, I already have three of these beauties myself.  Yep, three.  Love them all.  I switch between them all the time.  I've yet to have any of them run out of ink, and these pretty little things get some serious action at my house!

If you haven't noticed, I love cards and stationery--in fact, I used to have my own hand-designed stationery business.  Creating Christmas cards is something I thoroughly enjoy doing each year, and I'm still a big believer in sending a handwritten thank you note.  Bottom line:  I don't mess around when it comes to sending things in the mail!  :)  I know an awesome address stamper when I see it--and this is the one you need, my friends!  That's why I have three of them.  :)

The cool thing about this giveaway is that one lucky reader will actually win a Personalized Address Stamp Certificate Box from WishingTreeDesigns.com, which means the design will be chosen after receipt of the stamper body.  I have given a stamper like this before as a gift, and I obsessed over the personalized design for much too long because I wasn't sure what the recipient would like most.  But when purchasing a Certificate Box, you allow the recipient the chance to choose the design upon receipt--so smart!!  To be clear, that means the winner will receive the self-inking stamper body, a black ink cartridge, and a certificate to easily redeem your custom address stamp design online.  So upon receipt of the stamper, you can then choose your design, and a small stamper insert will arrive within five days or so--at that point your stamper will be complete and ready to go!

I love this option to choose the design after receiving the stamper!!!  What a nice gift these stampers would make for teachers, someone moving into a new home, or for any occasion--and the recipient can choose just the right design after-the-fact!  I'm going to keep this gift idea in my back pocket, that's for sure!


While one lucky reader can win a Personalized Address Stamp Certificate Box from WishingTreeDesigns.com through this giveaway, WishingTreeDesigns.com also carries a variety of Custom Stamper Kits that you customize during the checkout process with your name, address, monogram, and more--this is a great option if the stamper is for yourself and you want it to arrive ready for use!  :)

Through June 30, you can get 25% off any Custom Stamper Kits plus Free Shipping! 

Use the code:  AFFSTAMPS

Please note that the giveaway ends June 29.  I did this on purpose so if you're not the lucky winner, you will still be able to make use of the special offer before the code expires on June 30!

Get 25% Off + Free Shipping on Custom Stamper Kits with code AFFSTAMPS through 6/30/2013

There are countless ways you could have your stamp personalized.  See some examples below.


There are many ways to enter within the widget below.  Each action counts as an entry--some actions are worth more "entries" than others.  If an entry has a "5" next to it, for example, that means your name will be entered 5 times for that action.

Obviously, your odds of winning increase with each entry!  If you use Pinterest, you're in luck... you can earn 5 entries by simply pinning 5 pins you like from my Pinterest page.  I'm also allowing you to do that each day for this giveaway.  That's a lot of entries you can accumulate for yourself in a short period of time--perhaps that will land you the free stamper!  :)

Thanks for entering--please let me know if you have any questions!  Good luck!



* US residents only.  Must be 18 years of age or older.  Sorry!

* This giveaway expires at 12:00 midnight on Saturday, June 29, 2013.  Rafflecopter will generate a random winner.

* The winner will be announced ASAP on Saturday, June 29, 2013 (during regular awake hours!).  You will be contacted via email.  I will also make an announcement on Facebook and via Twitter.

* The winner will have 24 hours to reply and claim her prize.  If no winner comes forward, I will repeat the process until we have a winner.  I'm so sorry if you discover that you won after 24 hours, but please understand that it can take a lot of my time to track down a winner.  Thanks, friends!

* No purchase of any kind is necessary to enter this contest.  Odds of winning are determined by how many entries there are.

* Neither Harvard Homemaker, nor anyone who lives in her household (husband/daughters), may enter.

* Good luck!!  


Until next time... thanks for reading!  And thanks for entering the giveaway, too!  If you're new here, I'm so glad you've decided to join the fun!  :)



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