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Posted on Saturday, December 7, 2013 at 11:40:00 PM in Gift Ideas
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15 Fun Photo Gifts From My Favorite Card Sites

Minted, Tiny Prints, and Shutterfly are easily my three favorite places from which to order cards this time of year.  I have ordered my holiday cards from Minted the last two years (I think they have the best paper ever); I have ordered from Tiny Prints more times than I can count (including Christmas cards, birth announcements, invitations, notecards, etc.); and I always order photo thank you notes from Shutterfly after the holidays to send to our friends and family so they can get a glimpse of our Christmas from afar.  These companies are all fantastic, and they take great care of you.  If there is ever a mistake with your order or if you're unhappy in any way, they will undoubtedly make it right.  I'm a huge fan!

For more card sites, please refer to this post with 15 Great Sites to Get Your Holiday Photo Cards.

But what you may not realize is these companies have more than just beautiful cards; they are also great for finding the perfect gift!  I have put together this collection of photo gift ideas from these three awesome sites to give you some inspiration.  All of these gifts are still able to be personalized in time for Christmas, so don't worry!  (But don't dilly dally either, my friends!  Only 16 shopping days left, you know!  My heart skips a beat just typing that!)  There are many more options at all of these sites, so if you don't see anything below that catches your eye, know that there are custom photo calendars, photo books (you can use the autofill feature to create it quickly if you feel short on time), puzzles made from your picture(s), personalized playing cards (great for grandparents or anyone who love to play cards), etc. as well.  I hope the list below gives you a start, though!


MINTED:  15% off + free shipping on holiday cards with code SLED15FS at checkout.

TINY PRINTS:  35% off all gifts (everything below in this post!) with code STEAL1206 at checkout through 12/8 11:59 pm PT.

TINY PRINTS:  25% off your order with code SW1208 through 12/8 11:59 pm PT.

SHUTTERFLY:  Save up to 50% (!) on just about everything (cards, calendars, photo books, etc.) with code HOLIDAY.



Stationery always makes a wonderful gift because it's typically something you love to have but never seem to buy for yourself!


A custom journal could be used not only for private thoughts but also to keep track of baby's milestones, funny things your kids say, favorite books, places traveled, etc.   A wonderful gift!


I absolutely LOVE this!!  You upload your pictures and drag them into the heart.  You can order it framed or unframed, and I especially like how you can choose any size... as small as 8x8 to as large as 44x44!  

I have shared this before (here in this post), but I had to feature it again because I want to make sure nobody misses it!  I just think it's so special!


I think this is a fantastic gift, too!  

For yourself:  you could even go back and create these for multiple years and hang them down your hallway or as a collection somewhere in your home.  Hmmm... I might have to think about this!  Love it!


I have this one myself... it's very pretty in person.  Perfect for writing a quick note to a teacher or to tuck inside an envelope.

CUSTOM MUGS:  $15.99 & UP

A perfect gift for any coffee-drinker!


A personal, useful, simple idea... perfect for just about anyone!


I ordered a bunch of these, and they are beautiful in person.  They even come in a pretty blue pouch that reminds me of Tiffany & Co.!  


A unique idea for anyone who loves their iPad!


A fun way to personalize your iPhone!


I actually have this key chain, and it's great in person!  It's held up really well, even though it's constantly banging against all my keys.  I would recommend this to anyone... a simple, useful gift!


I have given one of these to each of my parents.  I had my kids hold up a sign for the photo for each one, and they turned out great (the photos are less than perfect but that's what makes it so priceless!)  Any fun or special picture would turn this into a wonderful gift.  I was very pleased with the quality of these in person.


These are awesome!  My girls have been given many books like this over the years as gifts.  You upload one picture, and the child's face (and name) appears throughout the book.  It is hilarious, and the child will absolutely love to see his/her face in the book with the characters! A perfect gift for your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, etc.


This is such a fun, unique idea!  Many styles and colors are available.


Turn any photo into a keepsake blanket!  These got very good reviews.  A fun, interesting, unexpected gift!

Happy Shopping!  I am almoooooost done.  Definitely need to hop on my computer later myself to place a few last orders.  (I do everything I can do avoid the mall this time of year!  Way too much chaos for this girl...)

What gifts do you like to give using photos?  I'd love to know!!  :)  We're all always looking for new ideas!

Take care!

Until next time,

~ HH

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