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Father's Day Secret Footprints and Poem

Father's Day is almost here, and many of us are trying to come up with creative ways to make the dads in our life feel special.  As for our family, we have four girls--the youngest is just 15 months, with almost five years between her and daughter #3.  Ever since the baby was born, our entire family has been gaga over this sweet thing.  My older daughters even insisted on buying her a very appropriate shirt recently with "I'm Pretty Popular" written on it.  That about sums it up!  (For a glimpse of our little peanut, you can view this fun photo ideas post where she is featured in many of the pictures.)

So when my husband heads off to work each morning--and especially when he has to travel--I know he misses all of us, but he especially misses the baby because she's changing so quickly.  (It just tore him up when he had to be away on her first birthday, and then to really pull at his heartstrings, of course she decided to take her first steps that day, too!  Poor Daddy.)  So to help him feel a little closer to his youngest cutie all day long, I made this simple gift for him.  I would think that any dad would smile while putting on these socks with the secret footprints!

Find some fabric paint.

Put the socks on your own feet.  I sat on a stool in the bathroom with my daughter in my lap, and then I spread the paint generously on the bottom of one of her feet.  I then stood up (bent over) and held her foot over the top of mine and pressed down.  Sorry there are no pictures of this part--I was already multitasking enough!  :)  I cleaned her up as best I could by sticking her foot in the sink (have some paper towels handy), and then I repeated the process on the other foot.  Next, I walked around with the socks on for a while to let the paint dry a bit.  I then slid the socks off carefully and continued to let them dry completely.

Tip:  she kept wanting to reach down and touch her feet.  I finally gave her something to hold--she became so busy trying to put that in her mouth that she forgot about the paint on her feet.

I then printed out a poem that I wrote.  It touches on how it's hard for Daddy to leave his little one behind all day, so the footprints inside his shoes can be their secret way of being together.  :)  

Find the poem here--I have a printable version ready for you with some cute footprints underneath the text for just $0.99.  As you can see below, I created four color variations all within the same document.  Simply download it to your computer for easy printing, and then cut out the version that you'd like to use.

I'll walk with you all day long... everywhere you go.

I love using paper cutters like this for perfectly straight edges.  They are great for cutting school pictures apart, too!  If you don't have one of these, they are really handy to have around.  

Just punch a hole, add some cute ribbon, and you've got a sweet gift for Daddy from his favorite little friend!

Here's a closer look at the poem.  I chose to use the one with the pink text to match the pink footprints.

I hope this idea might work for you!  More gift ideas are listed below: 

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Until next time, my friends... thanks so much for reading!  :)

Happy Father's Day to all the guys out there... grandfathers, fathers, and sons! 


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