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Posted on Sunday, December 2, 2012 at 01:46:00 PM in Holidays
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Easiest Way to Decorate Your Home for Christmas

This is my favorite (and easiest!) way to decorate the outside of our house for the holidays--and no lights or timers are needed!  All you need is some cheap wreaths, ribbon, and candles with sensors if you really want to get fancy.

When someone told me how easy it was to hang wreaths on my windows, it was an "Aha!" moment.  I was saying how I thought homes with wreaths were so beautiful because it made the house look decorated during the day, too... but that I didn't feel like dealing with huge ladders to get them on our second-story windows.  I remember that person looking at me like I had ten heads.  

"You just open the window and stick the wreath out."  

Come again?  

Oh my gosh, that's it?!  Well, duh!!!  Why didn't I realize that?!!  So if any of you thought it was difficult to add wreaths to your windows, too, I'm here to help you out!  :)

I had the above exchange with my friend 13 years ago.  After she enlightened me, I went and bought the cheapest wreaths I could find (I went to Michael's), along with pre-made bows for $1, and I attached all the bows to the wreaths.  I went with the cheap wreaths because my thought was that from far away, you'd never realize how fake those wreaths actually look!  And you know what, it's true.  I'm still using the same crappy wreaths after all those years!  I did finally change the ribbon this year, though, because it was pretty faded.  But 13 YEARS, people--that's (little) money well-spent if you ask me!

I also bought some red ribbon (again, not the nicest stuff--I bought the type that came with a LOT on the spool).  I simply tied some ribbon to the wreath, opened the window, and stuck it out there.  You close the window on the ribbon to get it to stay.  I have learned that sometimes it slides, though, so just tie a knot to hold it in place.  

When the holidays are over, you just pull the wreaths back in as is (keep the ribbon on them) and then the following year you just slide them out again and you're good to go!  So simple.  

I also have candles that I put in each window.  I have had those for 13 years as well, and I hardly ever have to even change the bulbs!  They plug in and they have sensors, so they come on at dusk and they turn off as it starts to get light out again.  I don't even have to touch them!  So between the wreaths and the candles in every window, our house is ready for Christmas, day and night!  Easy and cost-efficient, too!  And you never had to deal with tangled or non-working lights!  

(Although let's be honest, we seem to add a little more each year at our house--so we now also have lights... and a 9' inflatable snowman... and a 12' inflatable Santa... but it's all fun!  Love this time of year!!)

Happy decorating!!

Stationery (Stationary), personalized napkins, address labels, invitations, moving and birth announcement, stick figure stationary and more.

Simply open the window and slide the wreath out.  Leave yourself some extra length so you can hold on to the wreath.  (I have lost many-a-wreath out the window while hanging them, and then you have to walk all the way around to retrieve it!)

To be sure the wreath doesn't slide, just tie a knot that will sit at the edge of the window.

Who knew it was so easy?!  

* If you look closely, you can see our inflatable Santa taking a rest during the day.  He only pops up at night to wave to the neighbors!  :)

See how the house looks decorated all day long?  Homes are always lit up at night, but I love to be a bit festive during the day as well.

Pop some candles in the windows, and you can call it a day!  I like the type with sensors so they turn on and off by themselves--easy!

So pretty and it doesn't get much easier than this!

What's your best decorating tip?  I'd love to know!

Hope you are all enjoying this time of year.  It gets so hectic!!  Try to take time to enjoy before it passes you by!  :)

Until next time, 


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