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Disclosure & Privacy


When I first started this blog, I knew I wanted to share my ideas and spread the word on products and sites that I love.  And then I learned that by simply referring readers to those sites, I could sometimes earn a commission if a reader made a purchase.  Well, how awesome is that!  I can have fun writing for this blog and actually earn some money for recommending things that I already think are great?  Pretty cool.  So if you click on a link, it may lead to me earning a small percentage if you make a purchase--or it may not.  I link to things that I love (and hope you'll love, too!) whether it benefits me in any way or not.  At times I may also be compensated with products to try, giveaway prizes for my readers, or payment for writing posts that highlight a company and/or its products in a sponsored post.

You have my word that I would never point you to a site or product "just because".  If I mention something in a post, it's honestly because I think it could be useful or interesting to you in some way.  All thoughts and ideas expressed on this website are entirely my own.  


This site, Harvard Homemaker, is operated through Shareist.  Because of that, Shareist has access to some of your private information.  For more details, please view their privacy policy.  Their policy is my policy.  :)

As for me, if you sign up for my newsletter, you will provide your email address.  I use this information to send you my monthly newsletter.  I may occasionally send other updates, but I have yet to do so.  You may unsubscribe at any time.  If you contact me via email, you are obviously giving me your email address.  I will not add you to my newsletter list, however, unless you sign up for it.  I only want to send you emails that I know you are happy to receive!  

I would never give, rent, or sell any of your information to a third party.  You have my word.  

If you have any questions or concerns about your privacy, please don't hesitate to contact me

Thanks everybody!  Happy reading!

* Updated 7/6/13.

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