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Posted on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 11:04:00 PM in Gift Ideas
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20 Unique Gifts for the Man Who Has Everything

We ladies are so easy to shop for... give us some pretty earrings, a scented candle, or clothes (love this cool black jacket!), and you men can call it a day.  But shopping for you guys?  That's typically a difficult task for us girls!  You men always seem to have everything and want for nothing... what in the world do we get you?!

With the holidays around the corner, there are plenty of us (including me!) who are struggling to come up with creative, interesting gifts for the special guys in our life.  So I spent a lot of time flipping through various sites, and I tried to come up with something unique for just about everybody. So whether you are shopping for your husband, father, brother, grandfather, etc., I hope something in this list will catch your eye!

Happy Shopping!  Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la, la, la!!!  :)


Eye-Glasses Holder:  $18

This is a perfect gift for any man with glasses, particularly one who always seems to misplace them!  :)


Portable Ping Pong Set:  $39.95

Turn any table into a ping pong table in a flash!


Introduce Him to Trunk Club with a "Trunk" of Clothes:  Free* Initially; Prices Vary

My husband has actually used this service, and it's pretty awesome.  It works like this:

A stylist chooses clothes, shoes, belts, etc. based on a style survey of preferences.  A "trunk" arrives with the hand-selected clothing.  Your guy can choose to keep all of it, some of it, or none of it.  

*You only pay for what he keeps, and it's free shipping in both directions.  Pretty cool!  It's basically like getting your own free stylist without the hassle of shopping, and he gets to try everything on in the comfort of his own home!  Read more about how it works here


Instant Wine Chiller:  $39.95

With this wine chiller, red wine can go from room temperature to that of a cellar within seconds.  This wine chiller cools the wine itself instead of the bottle.  The reviews were very positive (even among the doubtful customers), and many said they use it for both red and white wine.


Custom Mug (various sizes, designs, and colors available):  $15.99-$19.99

What man wouldn't love to start his day by looking at pictures of his loved ones while he sips his coffee?  Add text and/or photos to personalize.


F-Bomb Paperweight:  $45

For the man who throws around a lot of "F-Bombs", why not give him one of his own?  :)


Hockey Stick BBQ Set:  $59.95

This is a fun idea for any guy who loves hockey.  Also available:  Golfer's BBQ Set for $28.  


Baseball Bat Bottle Opener:  $85-125

Handmade from authentic game-day bats swung by Major Leaguers, and gift-boxed with a story card with instructions regarding its special hologram number. Plug in that number here to learn which game the bat was used in.

Other neat ideas:  Framed Ballpark Blueprints, Game-Used Base Stools (awesome!!), Home Plate Doormat



Snow Ski Wine Rack:  $58

What a fun idea for anyone who loves to ski!  (If you happen to to know someone who has a ski house, this would also make a great "thank you" gift if you're ever lucky enough to go for a visit!)


Personalized Golf Balls (Add a logo, name, text, etc.):  $54.95 for a 12-pack of Titleist Pro V1 Balls

Every golfer is always in need of golf balls!  Personalize some with a fun message or simply use a name, logo, or monogram.  You can even upload a picture on these... hilarious!   If you aren't a golfer and you aren't sure what balls to purchase, Titleist Pro V1 balls are always a safe bet.  I come from a family of golfers, and that's what most guys I know use.  (I like to use them myself.)

Other neat ideas:  Golfer's BBQ Set, Golf Club Rocking Chairs (so cool!!), and Golf Ball Cuff Links


Personalized Sit 'N' Sip Cooler:  $49.90

A cooler and stool in one!  Perfect for tailgates, camping, or sitting on the sidelines at any game.


Handmade Shark Slippers:  $38

These are great for some ferocious fun!  The reviews were very positive, and it was pointed out that there are also no-slip bits on the bottom.


Personalized iPad Cover (various styles available):  $64.99

Most guys I know practically tuck their iPads in with a goodnight kiss.  Why not personalize his little baby for him to make it even more precious?  :)


Lucite Luggage Tags:  $32 (set of 2; personalization included)

We have luggage tags like this, and they are great.  They have stood the test of time (and a lot of flights!) for almost 15 years.  Much better than scribbling out your address on one of those paper airline tags that always get ripped off!


Repurposed Coin Guitar Picks:  $20-25 (set of 2)

These fun guitar picks are handcrafted from quarter or dollar coins.  Each coin's distinctive raised insignia gives these picks an easy-to-grip texture.


Gone Fishin' Caricature From Photos:  Prices Vary

Choose 1-5 subjects.  Various sizes available, framed or unframed.  

This made me laugh out loud when I stumbled on it.  Priceless!


Personalized Smith & Wesson Tactical Police 2nd Generation M.A.G.I.C. Assisted Opening Pocket Knife:  $59.99

You can add a name/text to the blade to personalize.  Many knives and options available.


Custom-Designed Adidas Shoes:  Prices Vary

Choose style and colors.  You can even add a name or phrase to make the shoes even more personal.


What's Your Poo Telling You?:  $9

The reviews say this book is actually quite informative, but mostly it will make your guy laugh out loud if he appreciates some good bathroom humor... one customer wrote, "It is difficult to read a page without hysterical guffaws!"  


Custom Photo Book (Various Options and Sizes):  Prices Vary

I am a huge fan of giving photo books for gifts.  It's easier than you might think.  You simply upload the pictures, and you can even auto-fill the pages if you're short on time.  

I have created books at both Shutterfly and Blurb (view one I created here), and the books have always turned out great!  Everybody loves to receive a book full of memories!

Side note:  we even compiled extended family pictures and recipes to create a family cookbook... everybody could then order a copy so the recipes were never lost among us all!  Blurb offers a cookbook layout to make it particularly easy to create something like this.  We made ours to give to my brother and his wife when they were getting married (and then we all got copies, too!), but it would make a perfect gift for anyone at any time!  Or even just work on it together as a family to preserve those precious recipes and pass them down to the next generation!


Alright, after all that brainstorming, now it's time for me to place my own orders so I can get a few things on their way!  I hope this list helped make your shopping a little easier this year!

Enjoy the special season, my friends.  :)

Until next time, 

~ HH 

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