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100 Photos to Inspire Your Holiday Cards

It's November... you know what that means! Yep. Time to start preparing for the holidays!  Poor Thanksgiving.  It never gets the attention it deserves.

When Halloween is over and I shift gears, one of the first things I start thinking about is my holiday cards.  I love everything about "card season"--both designing my own cards and receiving them.  There was a time I even made my own cards (I used to have a stationery-design business), but now I usually turn to Tiny Prints to do that for me.  I love their cards, and I use them for almost all my stationery needs these days.  I have also occasionally used Shutterfly for various cards, and I think Minted uses the most beautiful paper ever.  After admiring others' cards from Minted for several years, I decided to get my holiday cards this year from them.  I must say that I love them so much!!  My little girls say they are our best cards yet.  :)  They even came with these little vellum papers that you insert so that the ink from the pictures on the inside doesn't transfer to the other side of the card where our names are signed.  Brilliant!

Putting together a card to send out is something I truly enjoy.  But I'm pretty sure that isn't a universal feeling?!  To help you brainstorm, I have compiled 100 photos under various themes to get you thinking.  

As you'll see, some of the pictures are sweet, some are creative, and some are downright hilarious. Getting a photo for your card doesn't have to be the worst part of Christmas--have fun with it and think outside the box.  The very first picture was sent to me by my friend a few years back.  It was the result of a photo session gone bad.  While that shot wasn't what they were going for, they certainly succeeded in spreading some holiday cheer with their cards... I remember laughing so hard when we opened it! 

So have an open mind, relax, and see how your pictures turn out.  Even if they aren't "perfect", they just might be your favorite cards yet!


100 Book Recommendations for All Ages--tons of great gift ideas!  If you don't know what to get someone, you can never go wrong with a book!  Each book recommendation has some commentary added by me to help you make the best choice for the recipient.

50 Gift Ideas for the Ladies in Your Life--perfect for Mom, Grandma, Sister, etc.  Lots of personalized gift ideas.

Gift Ideas for the One You Love--gifts for the love of your life.  Perfect for the holidays, an anniversary, wedding, birthday, Valentine's Day, etc.

Bake in Recycled Cans for Cute Gifts--a fun, simple gift idea for teachers, neighbors, co-workers, hostess gifts, party favors, etc.


* Kudos to all the talented photographers and bloggers from whom I collected these photos.  If you see your photo here and it's not sourced to you, or if anything should be corrected in any way, please let me know!!  I really want to make sure everything in this post is as accurate as it can be.  I hope this post sends a little traffic your way so others can be impressed by your fine work, too!  :)  Thanks for making this fun post possible!

Online Card Companies:  More Details

I wrote a post with 125+ Family and Sibling Photos for Posing Ideas and Inspiration in May 2013 (please reference that for even more photo ideas!), and I thought some information I shared there about the card companies I like to use might be helpful here as well.  I'm pasting in an excerpt from that post below:


Tiny Prints has been my go-to company (for Christmas cards, invitations, birth announcements, etc.) for the past several years.  One time I wasn't happy with how they cropped a picture (without telling me) when printing my 250 (!) holiday cards, and they reprinted them and sent them to me overnight, no questions asked.  They have great service, and I love their designs.

Minted is right at the top of my list now as well.  I used them last year for my holiday cards, and they were my favorite cards yet.  They included vellum paper inserts to be sure that the ink didn't transfer inside my folded cards when mailed (because that does happen, especially if you have a picture printed on the inside).  Minted also has the best envelopes you'll find (I love the brown kraft paper myself), and they print on really beautiful paper as well.  You can view some custom Mother's Day cards here that I had made at Minted this year.  It's pretty safe to say that I think I'm developing a crush on this company.  :)

I have also always loved Shutterfly.  I typically order photo thank you notes there after the holidays so we can send out a little glimpse of how we celebrated, along with our note of gratitude.

Wishing Tree Designs is a company I discovered this year when I made my own photo invitations for my daughter's first birthday party.  (See the pictures I took of her with balloons on the beach--I used one as the cover of her invitation.)  I chose the luxe paper, and it was beautiful in person.  Their style was similar to that of Tiny Prints and Minted (they are the gold standard for me when it comes to cards), but you will save some money at Wishing Tree Designs--although I wasn't impressed with their envelopes, I will admit.  The paper was pretty thin.  But for the price, this was a small sacrifice to pay if you are looking to save a few dollars.

Our Family's Recent Holiday Cards


Peace on Earth (and maybe a little in our house, too!)

Wishing you Happy Holidays... right down to our mistletoes!

View this and more pretty pictures on this great photographer's blog:

Via - sydneymiddleton.wordpress.com

See more adorable pictures like this one at the blog below:

Via - miskamiller.blogspot.com

View this talented photographer's work below:

Via - jlhphotography.com

See more from this talented photographer here:

Via - heathercjohnsonphotography.com

Merry Christmas

See more great shots from Roberson Photography here:

Via - robersonphotography.com

See more of Heather C. Johnson's great work here:

Via - heathercjohnsonphotography.com

See more from this great photographer below:

Via - abryanphoto.com

The Santa Video

May Your Holidays Be Merry & Bright

See more of this talented photographer's work below:

Via - amytripplephotography.com

Amy Tripple, the fantastic photographer who captured the shot above, offers posing guides for purchase.  The Holiday Sweetness Guide can help you with some great tips so you can get a shot of your child like the one above!

See more creative pictures like these below:

Via - blog.thebecker.com

Visit the site below for more photos from this talented photographer:

Via - lindseymillsphotography.com

Make the holidays special this year with a personalized children's book or other special gift from I See Me!

Dear Santa... I can Explain

See more pictures of these cuties at this fun blog below:

Via - kristinandkayla.blogspot.com

This creative photo is credited to the fun blog below:

Via - sayyippie.blogspot.com

Jump for Joy--It's the Holidays!

See tips on how to shoot pictures like this at the site below:

Via - digital-photography-school.com

Get tips on how to take pictures like this one at the site below:

Via - takebetterphotos.com.au

Oh, What Fun It Is!

See more incredible pictures below at this amazing photographer's website:

Via - photosbylei.com

See more pictures from this happy photo shoot at the site below:

Via - pinkpistachio.com

This was found via Pinterest, but I'm not having luck finding the original source. Please let me know if this is your photo so I can credit back to you!

See more of this family's amazing Christmas photos each year below:

Via - hohumcards.com

Let it Snow!

See more creative shots from this talented photographer below:

Via - britainearl.com

See more of this talented photographer's work below:

Via - blog.johnsharpephotography.com

I have tried like crazy to find the original source for this photo. The genius behind this one needs credit! Please contact me if this is yours! :)

Hark, the Herald Angels Sing...

See more from this talented photographer here:

Via - gmphotographics.com.au

Visit Goodger Photography here to view more adorable photos:

Via - imagesoflove.com

Naughty or Nice?

See more from this great photographer below:

Via - joopjoopdesigns.tumblr.com

See more cute shots from Melanie Painter here:

Via - melaniepainter.com


Via - flickr.com

See more of this talented photographer's work below:

Via - jlhphotography.com

Visit the site below to see more of this talented photographer's work:

Via - heathercjohnsonphotography.com

May the Beauty of the Season be Yours

See more beautiful pictures like this one at the site below:

Via - jlhphotography.com

Joy to the World

These photos are credited to the wonderful photographer below:

Via - butterflychaserphotography.com

Visit the BMC Report below to see more of this sweet family:

Via - thebmcreport.blogspot.com

See more from this talented photographer below:

Via - derksenphotography.com

Warm Hugs

Visit this talented photographer's site below for more pictures of this beautiful family:

Via - sydneymiddleton.wordpress.com

See more of Sydney Middleton's work here:

Via - sydneymiddleton.wordpress.com

See more from this talented photographer here:

Via - jlhphotography.com

See more from this talented photographer here:

Via - jlhphotography.com

See more of this talented photographer's work below:

Via - periwinkleandmimi.com

Love is All You Need

This photo is credited to the talented photographer below:

Via - brethurston.com

See this and other cool "heart" photos here:

Via - yeowzers.blogspot.com

See more of this talented photographer's work below:

Via - studiojphoto.com

This photo is credited to the talented photographer below:

Via - krystamoesphotography.blogspot.com

This photo is credited to the talented photographer below:

Via - hulahoopphotography.com

You Go I Go Couple Tees

Best Gift of All

See the original picture here on this talented photographer's site:

Via - sarahjordanphotography.blogspot.com

This photo is credited to this talented photographer below:

Via - sherititusphotography.com

See this adorable photo and other great shots below:

Via - laurasimsonphotography.blogspot.com

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Visit this photographer's site below for more fun photos:

Via - heathercjohnsonphotography.com

This photo is credited to the talented photographer below:

Via - timwillphoto.com

O Christmas Tree

See this shot and more amazing photos below:

Via - blog.drewbphotography.com

See more from this amazing photo shoot at the talented photographer's site below:

Via - sarahasstedtblog.com

See this shot and more cute photos at the site below:

Via - hanalynch.blogspot.com

This and more beautiful photos like it were found here: http://www.greylikesweddings.com/category/2-inspiration/season/winter/page/5/. The amazing photographer credited is listed below:

Via - simplephoto.ca

This super cute photo is credited to the fun blog below:

Via - alittleglassbox.com

The Wonder of Christmas

This photo is credited to the talented photographer below:

Via - lindseywalkerphotos.com

Visit Heather C. Johnson's site for more sweet photos:

Via - heathercjohnsonphotography.com

Photo credited to the source below (photo by Funkeemonkeeland):

Via - the-essential-infant-resource-for-moms.com

Frosty the Snowman

See this photo and other amazing shots at this photographer's blog below:

Via - butterfly-photography.ca

Find this sweet tutu dress at the Etsy site below. Laurie, the owner of the shop, took this adorable photo herself. Love it!

Via - etsy.com

This photo was uploaded to Pinterest by Michelle McClendon, a fabulous art teacher and a creative genius in my opinion! I love this shot!!

Silent Night

This photo found on Pinterest with only google.com listed. Exact source unknown. Please contact me if this image is yours so I can credit properly.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Check out this talented photographer's work at the site below... she does amazing things with props! So cute.

Via - joliemoorephotography.zenfolio.com

This cute photo was found on Etsy (I love Etsy!!) where you can purchase this fun hat. The photographer who took this super sweet photo can be found below:

Via - meredithrowlen.com

Happy Ho-Ho-Holidays!

I *believe* the site listed below is the original source for this photo. Please contact me if this is your fun picture and I haven't given proper credit!

Via - fantasticchristmasshow.com

The original source for this photo seems to be "uploaded by user" on Pinterest. If this photo is yours, please contact me so I can source back to you!

Candy Canes

See more from this super cute photo shoot below:

Via - themeadowbrookblog.blogspot.com

This fun photo is credited to the photographer below:

Via - robinwinklesphotography.com

Artful Home - art for life. art you wear.

Santa Baby

I found this adorable photo on Etsy (I love Etsy!), but the photographer credited with the image is listed below:

Via - facebook.com

View more of this talented photographer's work below:

Via - heidihope.com

See more of this talented photographer's work below:

Via - memoriesforkeepsake.com

Happy Paw-lidays!

Via - gjphotos.com

See more cute photos below:

Via - photographyandmorect.files.wordpress.com

Jingle Bells

I found this photo on Etsy where you can get this really cute banner. The photographer behind this adorable shot is listed below:

Via - sorensen-studios.com

I *believe* the original source for this photo is listed below where you can get directions on how to make these fun hats.

Via - favecrafts.com

Under the Mistletoe

This photo is credited to the talented photographer below:

Via - urbanvisionstudios.com

See more from this cute photo shoot at the site below:

Via - annaekleinphotography.blogspot.com

See more photos of this super cute family at the blog below:

Via - littlebabygarvin.blogspot.com

Laughing All the Way

See more of this talented photographer's work below:

Via - selahphotography.org

See more of this talented photographer's work below:

Via - recherche-photography.com

Visit this talented photographer's blog below:

Via - sydneymiddleton.wordpress.com

Family Christmas Ornaments

WISHing you Happy Holidays!

View more from this wonderful photographer here:

Via - heathercjohnsonphotography.com

Christmas Wreath

Visit this talented photographer's site below for more great photos:

Via - shannonarchibald.net

Star of Wonder

This cool photo is from Gap's holiday campaign in 2009. See the source below:

Via - emagascene.com

View the work of JLH Photography here:

Via - jlhphotography.com

This photo is credited to J. Crew Kids. Photo source below:

Via - sunshineandstarlight.org

This is the best we could do... Happy Holidays!

And when all else fails, just find a little humor in the situation!  Chances are, you'll look back on the less-than-perfect photos with a laugh one day, and they will always remind you of that crazy stage in life when getting a nice family photo was next to impossible!  Someday when your family pictures are full of cooperative smiles and people looking at the camera, you will miss this stage when you never knew what you were going to get!!  :)

View more entertaining shots like this one here:

Via - heathercjohnsonphotography.com

Buy from a large selection of Premium Papers, Luxury Brands & Exquisite Styles of stationery and supplies only at FineStationery.com! -300x250

Whew!  I hope these 100 photos have helped you come up with some ideas for your cards this year. Happy Holidays everybody!  :)  Enjoy the special season ahead.

What photo ideas do you have?

Until next time, 


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