30 Photos with Wording Ideas to Inspire Holiday Cards

It's my favorite time of the year again... holiday card season, of course!  I just love opening our mailbox to find pictures and updates from all the special people in our life!  I equally

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125 Family & Sibling Photos: Posing Ideas & Inspiration

Well, Memorial Day has come and gone; we've power-washed our deck; and we've had our first s'mores of the season.  It's official--summer is here for our family!  For many of us, summer

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Easy DIY Photo Invitation & Thank You Note

I love to create my own invitations.  I actually used to have a hand-designed stationery business where I used my own handwriting as the font.  But it was time consuming since I had to

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First Birthday Photos at the Beach!

When my youngest daughter's birthday was approaching, we happened to be at the beach for a few days--lucky timing for me!  I think there is no better place to take pictures than at the beach.

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100 Photos to Inspire Your Holiday Cards

It's November... you know what that means! Yep. Time to start preparing for the holidays!  Poor Thanksgiving.  It never gets the attention it deserves. When Halloween is over and I shift

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Fun Photo Ideas

I'm always looking for fun photo ideas.  I thought I'd start this post, and then just add to it over time.  I hope this compilation of photos will give you some inspiration!  Please

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How to Take Great Pictures from Behind Your Subjects

I love photography.  I take tons of pictures, and I manage to capture some sweet moments even if I really don't know how to shoot in any mode other than auto!  (someday I will figure all

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Pictures of Your Kids: Same Age & Same Clothes

Our girls really don't look that much alike.  One is fair with blonde hair and blue eyes.  Another has a deeper skin tone with dark hair and brown eyes, while the other two are somewhere

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